Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness (ECCA) has been a leading organization in the sector of social mobilization and community development. It implements various programmes so as to raise the quality of life through wise-use of available local resources and application of alternate and renewable technologies.


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Light For All

Displace kerosene lamps by solar based household lighting and promote child education

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Plant a Tree

Bring concept of 'Green' among youth, children and communities

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Support a Child

Increase school enrollment and reduce drop out rate

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Safe Drinking Water / WATA Technology

Provide safe drinking water facilities in schools and communities

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The first camp of my life

Alina Dangol This was officially the first camp I’ve ever been a part of !!! Before the camp started, I didn’t have a clear insight into what it looked like and how it was conducted. Now, I’ve gotten a clear view of what camps are, why, and how they are conducted. I’ve had a chance … Continue reading The first camp of my life

The Joy in Recycling!

Upama Tamla Rai, ECCA Counselor “Come on! Please do not tilt the frame that way!”  “Woah!”   “Can I try it first?!” Loud voices of the participants filled the silent playground of the training premises. One could see the excitement in the participants as they hovered around in circle, hoping to get the next chance of … Continue reading The Joy in Recycling!



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