ECCA initiated School Environment Improvement Programme to improve the basic environment of schools. The lack of proper school environment is one of the main causes of school dropouts (especially of girl students). It is envisaged that enrollment of the students will also increase when facilities (like water, toilet, greenery) are improved in the school. Classroom management and relationship among children, teachers and community also plays an important role in improving the school environment.

In the schools where this programme has been launched, students are doing good job - cleaning the school compound, managing open spaces, preserving plants, managing waste. The programme has also helped the teachers on teaching technique and practising different ways to make aware children on environment issues and to change their behaviour.

This type of programme can develop the positive attitude and vision on children and community to improve the environment of the village as a whole. The children are the leaders of tomorrow. Whatever they learn today, they expose tomorrow. So, we should be particular in transplanting positive attitude amongst them.

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