A country, where majority of people depend on agriculture, forest for firewood, and rain for water, will have severe consequences from shifting of hydrological cycle, shifting of vegetation and outbreak of diseases with even a rise of one degree centigrade. 

ECCA initiated Plant-a-tree campaign by linking it with the on-going ECCA projects (school environment improvement, beautification, wise use of open spaces). Through these on-going projects, basic facilities are already supported and this campaign will value add to it and vice versa. 

The campaign will be implemented in schools, community forest and other open spaces (which are owned and managed by a legal entity). Grown-up trees will be planted as it shows the difference and people will also be able to see changes in the location, besides being the CO2 absorber. The school management, school based nature clubs, local women groups and other local groups will be the local partners who will be involved in the campaign. They will be motivated to take action in their locality and to look after the planted trees. Adopt-a-tree scheme (where school children will study and monitor the growth of the tree) will also be linked to this campaign. Linkage will also be done with local government bodies. 


  • To mitigate CO2 emission
  • To increase the aesthetic value of the locality utilizing available open spaces
  • To bring concept of green accounting on youth, children and community
  • To make polluters responsible for local and global environment

Key intervention

It is expected that individuals and institutions (industry, factory, company, office, etc) will calculate their annual CO2 emission and plant trees to neutralize its emission.