Modern education began in Nepal with the establishment of first school in 1853. However, this school was only for the members of the ruling families and their courtiers. Formal school education has been in the process of development only since 1950. In the early 1950s, the total literacy rate in Nepal was about 2%. Although the development is significant, the situation where Nepal stands now in terms of educational status is still far from the world status. About 50% of the 6+ year age group population is still illiterate and about 30% of primary age children are still not enrolled to school. A significant proportion of the children who are enrolled in primary school drop out of school. Many of these problems pertain to the social and economic situation of the country. Resource crunch has always been a problem in education. In Nepal, many parents do not send their children in school because of their financial situation. There are many guardians, who are not able send their children as they are unable to purchase the necessary stationary for their children. To increase school enrollment and discourage dropouts, we must think of a child friendly school and availability of good quality education.

More than thirty years of past experiences on working with children encourages ECCA-Nepal to conceptualize "Support-a-Child" campaign. ECCA Nepal initiated this campaign to increase school enrollment rate and reduce drop out rate through care, support and build up competencies of children. The campaign encourages all individuals and organizations to care for and protect children's rights to be educated and to support for establishing learning environment in the school.

Objective of the Campaign

  • To increase school enrollment and reduce drop out rate through improving school environment and education standards.
  • To mobilize resources to care, support and build up competencies of children.
  • To promote partnership amongst individuals and different organizations by adding value in their "Social Responsibility" practices.
  • To support and achieve Sustainable Development Goals.

Kind of Support

  • Providing and acquiring educational materials (text books, uniform, shoes, school bag, copy and pen)
  • Opportunity for the student to participate in different capacity development activities
  • Educational materials, stationeries
  • School meals
  • Safe drinking water and sanitation
  • Trainings and support for extra activities
  • Building school friendly environment (greenery, playground, students friendly classrooms)
  • Library


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