Realizing the need and the strength of youths in environmental conservation areas, WWF Nepal together with its conservation partners - Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness (ECCA), National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC), SENSE Nepal, Youth Alliance for Environment and Green Youth of Lumbini – initiated The Generation Green (TGG) campaign targeting the youths of Nepal.

The main objective of this five-year TGG campaign (2014 – 2018) is to create a generation of Nepali youths, committed to sustainable development and biodiversity conservation that effectively engages and influences the wider stakeholders in conservation.

TGG envisions creating a nationwide membership of 500,000 youth, aged 16-26 years. Youth can become members of the campaign through a simple enrolment process and by pledging to abide by the values and principles of the campaign. Education and empowerment are key focus areas of the campaign which will open up opportunities for the TGG members to engage in learning in order to build sustainable lifestyles. Such learning will be complemented by avenues for the youth to engage and participate in programs and events on conservation and sustainable development. A mentorship program, environmental scholarships, participation in ‘green’ contests and awards, and engagement in green jobs are some of the opportunities youth can take advantage of under TGG.

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