The GLOBE (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment) Program is an international environmental science and education program involving elementary and secondary school students in collecting data concerning their local environment and in sharing the data through the Internet. Students and teachers implement 20 data collecting protocols designed by environment scientists, as part of ongoing investigation in their areas of Atmosphere, Land and Cover/Biology, Soil, and Global Positioning Systems (GPS). In addition, learning activities have been developed for each investigation area to put the data collection activities into an educationally meaningful context.

Students from the ages of approximately five through eighteen years (from kindergarten to higher secondary) in school throughout the world conduct a continuing program of scientifically meaningful environmental measurement. GLOBE students transmit their data processing facility via Internet, receive vivid image composed of their data and data from other GLOBE schools around the world, acquire information from variety of sources, and collaborate with scientists and other GLOBE students and communities worldwide in using these data for education and research.

The measurement taken by the GLOBE students serve two important purposes. First, participating scientists use these data in their research programs to improve the understanding of the global environment. Second, students not only learn how to carry out a scientifically rigorous program of earth observation, but also learn to use their own measurement, together with data from other GLOBE School, as a key part of their study of environmental science. Through contact with and mentoring by scientists, the students receive feedback about the value of their data sets in world class scientific research.

The GLOBE Program was introduced in April 1994 by the then U.S. Vice President Mr. Al Gore. Currently, more than 27,000 schools and 19,000 teachers worldwide are involved in the program In Nepal, GLOBE Program was launched in the year 2000.