One of the technologies ECCA uses is the Swiss WATA Technology developed by Antenna Foundation, Switzerland. The WATA device produce active chlorine solution (sodium hypochlorite of 6gm/liter concentration) through electrolysis of common salt solution. So produced chlorine solution (branded as WATASOL) can be used for disinfecting drinking water & as a local sanitizer.

The WATA device is simple to use, robust and sustainable technology. The device requires only DC power source, a clean plastic container (not metallic), common salt (NaCl) and clear water. 

Depending on a dilution matrix (ratio of WATASOL : Water dilution), WATASOL can be used to disinfect drinking water or for disinfection for hands / floors / toilets / utensils / laboratory equipment / any surface, for washing vegetables, and as Dakin solution (to cleanse wounds in order to prevent infection). For safe drinking water treatment, 1L of active chlorine solution can treat up to 4,000 liters of water. 

The produced WATASOL’s concentration is tested by using WataTest reagent. To increase the shelf life of WATASOL, stabilization is done, thereby increasing the shelf-life to 12 months.

Partnership with Antenna Technologies  |   Support for Safe Water Program through GlobalGiving