A devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake on 25 April 2015 and 7.3 magnitude on 12 May 2015 claimed life of around 9,000 people in Nepal and directly affected above 8 million people. Due to the destruction of houses, people were forced to refuge in open space and many lost most of their belongings. Around 24,000 classrooms and other school facilities were damaged. After conducting immediate relief distribution works, now, ECCA is focusing on recovery, rehabilitation and rebuilding works.

Due to loss of houses, people are obliged to refuge in tents & communal shelters. There is lack of basic facilities to sustain life, due to which people are suffering. There is high probability of spreading of water borne diseases. Due to damage of school buildings, toilets and water sanitation facilities, children are facing difficulty in their studies. In this vulnerable situation, human traffickers have become active and have easily influenced women, girls and children.

Responding towards the need of the affected people and the school, ECCA will continue to work towards construction of proper classrooms, toilets, drinking water facility, promoting safe drinking water, providing solar power lights, orientations, counseling and legal advice, and will support to uplift the quality of life of the affected people through supporting their livelihood (income generation activities, agriculture and nutrition, livestock management, etc.).