The quality of the water supply in Nepal is always the matter of questioning due to lack of proper treatment system, pollution at the source, no use of disinfection and no proper maintenance of the water distribution system. According to various reports, sanitation-related diseases account for 72% of total ailments and diarrhea continues to be one of the leading causes of childhood deaths in Nepal. On top of that, COVID-19 outbreak has created unprecedented health crisis.

Therefore an instant action for disinfecting drinking water and improving sanitation is a must in the present context of Nepal.

ECCA provides access to various technologies (such as active chlorine solution (sodium hypochlorite), water filter fitted with TULIP ceramic candle having activated carbon, bio-sand filter), provides orientations on WASH/personal hygiene/hand washing techniques targeting schools and, through them, communities and helps to construct WASH related infrastructure in schools. Thereby, helping reduce the possible spread of water borne diseases and coronavirus as well as bringing change in the behavior of the local community.

Partnership with Antenna Technologies  |   Support for Better WASH Program through GlobalGiving